Past Performance

Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 ARFFV

Needed improved performance to meet minimum emergency response times, within emission limits. Extensive development by STEINBAUER and Caterpillar of Europe produced a CATERPILLAR C15 that is fully emission compliant with an output of 725 HP.

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Crown-Defense Logistics Ltd

This engine performance upgrade kit allows the Hilux 3.0L engine to generate up to 240 HP, an increase of up to 45% over the stock 169 HP Hilux 3.0 L engine. The performance upgrade kit includes: an engine electronics subsystem and an optimized air/water intercooler subsystem. engine electronics subsystem is a microprocessor controlled STEINBAUER PowerModule that works in cooperation with the existing Toyota Engine Control Module (ECM).

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California Air Resources Board (CARB) Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Pilot Program

Senate Bill 210 directs CARB to develop and implement a comprehensive heavy-duty vehicle inspection and mai ntenance (HD I/M) program. STEINBAUER continues to work with the CARB HD I/M team as part of the pilot program testing via OBD gateway solution and by offering expert insight and technical advice.

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