The STEINBAUER Engineering, LLC team has the experience and real-world working knowledge to get your project from concept to completion. Modern vehicle engines are complicated - different manufacturers, engines, horsepower ratings, multiple electronic control units - making it difficult to navigate this information efficiently and effectively. We offer in-house solutions based around modern vehicle systems - hardware, software, embedded systems, harness manufacturing, OBD monitoring & reporting.

Core Competencies

  • Vehicle Hardware design and in-house PCBoard manufacture
  • In-house Software and Embedded System Firmware Solutions
  • Harness cable design and in-house manufacturing
  • Vehicle compliance monitoring and reporting OBD solutions
  • Small production run capability - all in-house and IP protection assured
  • Full J1979 & J1939 monitoring and reporting. Including manufacturer ECU / CAN information
  • Additional electronic downstream Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Active CANbus communication


In-house software, hardware design & manufacturing - ensures IP protection and the safety of no third party sourced components that can be compromised in the supply chain. PCBoard manufacturing in-house, including PIN insertion machine - closes the design & manufacturing loop and ensures that specific software can be written to best utilize the hardware design. We offer rapid prototyping, small production runs & in-house harness design & production. Vehicle ECU & CANBus specialists.